The Indian Corrugated Box manufacturing industry is presently worth INR 15,000 crore. The growing Indian middle class and changing lifestyles have witnessed the corrugated box industry increasing by 12-14% annually in the past five years.

Corrugated Packaging, which is not only used as shipping containers but also as Display and shelf ready packaging plays a vital role in the Supply Chain Management to ensure safe transportation & marketing of goods.

Emerging Trends
To meet the growing demand for international quality packaging, Corrugated packaging manufacturers in India are speedily moving on the path of modernization – adopting evolving technologies, installing high speed automatic machines, ensuring quality assurance and incorporating management systems and techniques for efficient operation of the plants.

The ‘next generation’ of corrugated packaging manufacturers in India are ready and eager to

embrace new technologies that can help them meet the demands of their customers for international quality boxes.

• Increasing demand and high volumes will trigger consolidation and setting up of large automatic plants.

• Inline Automatic Board and Box making plants will replace the present semi automatic production processes.

• Deployment of Folder Gluers, Rotary Die- cutters is also on the increase.

• Use of corrugated for display/promotional packs, POPs and dispensers is becoming popular.

• Advances in multicolour flexo printing will facilitate in-house flexo printing and do away with screen printing, contract printing on offset presses.

• The emergence of e-commerce, reverse bidding, concept of First Pak will give large scale units the advantage of competitiveness and the concept of locating corrugated box units nearer to user locations will become redundant.

• Large Corporates and Bulk users of corrugated boxes looking for single source/multiple alternative vendors – capable of meeting stringent specifications, offering alternative designs, just-in-time deliveries at optimum cost.

• Growing interest in machines made in China, Taiwan and other Asian countries is now metamorphing to next level of European machines.

• Many Indian machinery manufacturers are entering into alliances with Chinese, Taiwanese & European manufacturers for manufacturing/marketing.

CorruPack Summit 2013 5-8 July 2013, HITEX International Exhibition Centre, Hyderabad